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Praise Is What I Do (Eb) William Murphy Performance Track

Hi my name is Violet Fonte; I’m an aspiring doctor, poet and author residing in London. The things I love most in life are music, poetry and making an influence on the world and for this reason I started Pebble$ Blog. I’ve been writing poetry for 

16 years, and I really love it.

On weekdays you’ll usually find me studying, blogging or dancing and occasionally cooking. On the weekends I like to read and relax to soul, rap and gospel music.

My idea of the perfect day would start with prayer and a nice bowl of fruity loops. And then I’d, take a walk or go bike riding. Later I’d chill out with some friends & family, and I’d top it all off by settling into a movie with Hershey’s kisses, sweet & salted popcorn, red velvet cheesecake, Chinese takeout and a big cream soda.

The kinds of people I enjoy the most are ones who love a good laugh and are willing be listeners as well as speakers. That’s important to me because I believe one should not have the feeling of being surrounded by those who mean the world to them whilst knowing you as a person mean nothing to them.

My dreams for the future are to become a medical doctor, to reach the less privileged and become an executive designer. So what am I doing to achieve these dreams? Well, how about currently keeping myself educated. And also, interacting with my world currently to fully understand the differences in religion, culture, ways of life etc... One thing I need to do more of is to “Strive … Hustle” and “Carry On”.

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