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About Me

Praise Is What I Do (Eb) William Murphy Performance Track

Mi chiamo Viola Fonte. Creative, Writer, Poet & Author-to-be always looking forward to challenges which is why I probably get tagged in a lot of prompts on Google+ and Instagram. Lover of music, poetry and influencing the world through her art. I started Pebble$ Blog to share my art but it has evolved into a journey of awakening an artist within that I never knew resided there before. I’ve been writing poetry for 

18 years, but writer status has been claimed since my imagination was awakened.

Weekdays are filled with reading, blogging, filming, empowering self, writing, empowering others, continual learning and more writing. Relaxation consists of podcasts (yes I listen to those now), music, reading & quiet times.

My idea of the perfect day would start with prayer and a nice bowl of fruity loops. Let's fast forward please, fruity loops is cool but these taste buds are ever-changing, a bowl of oatmeal or something with kale and eggs, I'll be good. Later I would top it all off by settling into a movie with Hershey’s kisses, sweet & salted popcorn, red velvet cheesecake, Chinese takeout and a big cream soda. You see all that strikethrough, that's an overdue rent notice to Diabetes.

The people I enjoy being around most are those who know the therapeutics of laughter, the kind who are great listeners as well as speakers. That’s important to me because I don't want to be surrounded by those who mean the world to me while I as a person mean nothing to them.

The vision of Pebble$ Blog for the future extends to reaching the less privileged and lending my voice where it is needed most. So what are you doing to achieve this Pebble$? Well, how about starting through blog posts, YouTube & seeking opportunities to take me out of my comfort so that I have a voice that is worth lending. I interact with my world to understand its differences and diversity, which impacts my journey as a Writer daily.

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